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I am all yours, O my Jesus, and all that I have is yours
through Mary, your most holy Mother.
- St. Louis de Montfort

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The cover of the new edition of Preparation for Total Consecration features the contemplative aspect of the marble statue of St. Louis de Montfort that adorns the main altar at the Church of St. Mary Gate of Heaven in Ozone Park, NY. Preparation for Total Consecration

This book has been prepared by the Company of Mary, the religious community founded by St. Louis de Montfort himself, to serve as both an introduction to his spirituality of total consecration and as a guide for those who would prepare themselves to make his Act of Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary.

Our Price: $8.50
Preparación para la Consagración Total Preparación para la Consagración Total

Para aquellos quienes se sientan llamados a tomar el riesgo de vivir plenamente su inmersión bautismal en la vida de Jesucristo por medio de hacer una Consagración Total.

Our Price: $8.50
Presenting Total Consecration (DVD) Presenting Total Consecration (DVD)

Beginning with an overview of the entire process, this 3-DVD set includes individual presentations that provide rich biblical and theological insight into the nature of the spirit of the world, our need for the grace of God to truly know ourselves, coming to a truly intimate and personal knowledge of Our Lady and the opening of our lives to the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Our Price: $19.95
True Devotion to Mary (DVD) True Devotion to Mary (DVD)

Join Fr. Hugh Gillespie, SMM, and Fr. Bernard Geiger, OFM Conv., as they explore, consecration to Jesus through Mary. Perfect for use in study groups and while traveling.

Our Price: $34.95
The Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary The Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Little Crown is a prayer that was both greatly esteemed and highly recommended by St. Louis de Montfort. He made it a point to include it among his list of the external practices of the devotion of Holy Slavery, or Perfect Devotion, to Our Lady, saying, “If it is not too inconvenient, they should recite every day of their lives the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin…” (TD #234)

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Consagración a Jesús, a través de María, con San José Consagración a Jesús, a través de María, con San José

Dos Sacerdotes Montfortianos, Padre Jorge Enrique Gonzales, SMM, y Padre Hugh Gillespie, SMM, comparten su conocimiento de la consagración total según San Luis María de Montfort.

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Credit Card sized folded Act of Total Consecration
QOAH 1980
PUB- 409

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Total Consecration Bookmark (100) Total Consecration Bookmark (100)

Same bookmark that accompanies Preparation for Total Consecration with prayers "Jesus Living in Mary" and "Invocation of the Holy Spirit." Bundle of 100.

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Understanding Total Consecration to Mary Understanding Total Consecration to Mary

An Introduction to the True Devotion of St. Louis Marie de Montfort by Rev. Joseph M. Dayet, S.M.M.

Our Price: $9.95