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The Way of the Cross in Union with Mary The Way of the Cross in Union with Mary

Stations of the Cross Prayerbook.

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Pilgrim Virgin Home Visitation Program Pilgrim Virgin Home Visitation Program


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The Secret of Mary (Revised) The Secret of Mary (Revised)

Revised Edition
In this short and beautiful work, St. Louis de Montfort profoundly and elegantly explains the role of Our Lady in the life of all of those who recognize in their hearts the call to holiness that gives rise to the desire for an intense and authentic living of the Christian life.

This Revised Edition includes the An Introduction and Overview that is abridged and adapted from the article Secret of Mary by R. Alphonse Bossard, SMM, published in Jesus Living in Mary: A Handbook of Montfort Spirituality. Appendices include Latin and English versions of Ave Maris Stella (Hail, O Star of the Ocean) and Veni Creator (Come, Creator Spirit) and de Montfort's Hymn 77: The Devout Slave of Jesus in Mary.

The book has a beautiful new layout with footnotes in the margins for easy reference.

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Wisdom's Fool Wisdom's Fool

Doherty's treatment of the life of Fr. de Montfort is engaging, accurate and clearly presented, providing a solid introduction to the life of the Good Father from Montfort.

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The cover of Fr. Bulger's biography of St. Louis de Montfort features the magnificent statue of our Founder that is found in St. Peter's Basilica. The Man Called Montfort

Written in an engaging style and with careful attention to historical detail, The Man Called Montfort, brings its readers into direct contact with the life and personality of the great Apostle of Our Lady.

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The Life of St. Louis de Montfort (DVD) The Life of St. Louis de Montfort (DVD)

A full-length docudrama on the life and mission of St. Louis de Montfort. Hosted by Fr. J. Patrick Gaffney, SMM, and filmed on location in France. The DVD features the ability to select either English or Spanish as the playback language.

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Friends of the Cross<br>with Fr. Hugh Gillespie, SMM (DVD) Friends of the Cross
with Fr. Hugh Gillespie, SMM (DVD)

Produced in collaboration with the Apostolate for Family Consecration. Fr. Hugh Gillespie, SMM, guides the viewer through one of Fr. de Montfort's most powerful works, his Letter to the Friends of the Cross.

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